Quickly and reliably identify illegal wildlife products with wildlife alert.


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Within each category of commonly trafficked items, use a series of easy-to-follow tests and questions to help determine the authenticity and identification of the species.


Select a category of commonly trafficked materials.


Conduct simple tests to check if the product is real or fake.


Answer a series of simple questions about your material.


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Our validation system displays results in an easy-to-follow format. Each result is accompanied by a listing of the most important identification characteristics, a detailed description of the animal, multiple photos to help confirm identification, and instructions on how to proceed.

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About Wildlife Alert

When overseas, military personnel often choose wildlife products as souvenirs for family and friends. Many of these products are illegal according to U.S. law, military regulations, or local country laws. Military personnel must be able to distinguish threatened and endangered wildlife from the rest, and avoid inadvertently purchasing items that might be confiscated by customs or create legal problems. The Wildlife Alert app can help military personnel identify products made from animal fur, skin, horns, or ivory and provides guidance on what items can or cannot be traded.

WCS is working with US military to combat wildlife trafficking. These efforts will help protect biodiversity in many Asian and African countries, and help to stop supporting organized criminals – including insurgents – who often profit from illegal poaching and wildlife trade.